How We Stay Ahead in Sheet Metal Services

Updated: Jan 4, 2021

What is it about DB Sheetmetals that makes us a market leading provider of sheet metal services? Going into 2020 we’re in our third decade of business and are continuing to grow rapidly. This is partially due to the impressive demand for sheet metals – you’d be incredibly hard pressed to find an industry that doesn’t need some form of sheet metal service – but we attract customers due to many other factors too.

Bespoke Sheet Metal Service

Sheet metal fabrication is often seen as a copy and paste process. Not here at DB Sheetmetals though. Every project we undertake is perfectly tailored to your requirements. You can bring us blueprints or a simple idea for our design team to bring to life and we’ll ensure you get a fantastic result.

Industry Leading Machinery

We’ve invested in some of the best machinery on the market and keep doing so as new technology becomes available. We’ve written some great machine features on our state-of-the-art technology like our Amada HFE 1003 and our Pemserter 2000. We also have an impressive automated four step GEMA paint line for powder coating.

Full Diversity

We offer a full range of services including press brakes, CNC punching, laser cutting, Pem Serter, and powder coating. This means we’re a one stop shop for sheet metals and can produce an impressive range of products for almost any industry.

Impressive Results

We don’t let anything out of our doors unless it meets our quality standards. Between our bespoke sheet metals design and our fantastic machines, we rarely find any flaws in our products but that doesn’t mean they’re exempt from thorough quality checks.

If you’re interested in our sheet metal service going into the New Year then you can find out more on our website, where we explain our specialties and other services. You can contact us via email at or call us on 01440 706218.