Focus On: Powder Coating vs Paint


Nowadays, if a business neglects its environmental responsibilities, then its painstakingly built brand can come undone in just a matter of moments. With this in mind, powder coating contains none of the volatile organic compounds (VOCs) found in wet paint application contributing to ozone depletion. What’s more, sinister solvents also present in paint are avoided in this process, eliminating the toxic risks linked to worker health.  

Turnaround Times

There’s truth in the old saying ‘like watching paint dry’. Depending on atmospheric conditions, the curing period of wet paint can vary massively from several hours to several days. With businesses relying on quick turnaround times, this method is far from efficient. On the flip side, powder coated metals can be fully cured in just 20 minutes, letting your business keep productivity at an all time high.

The Grand Finale

The finishing touch is, of course, the deal-breaker. Unsurprisingly, the finish left by powder coating doesn’t disappoint. Once the powder itself has been electrostatically attracted to the metal surface, heat is applied causing it to melt into a smooth, resilient coating. In contrast, wet paint can result in an uneven, unattractive finish more susceptible to chips, scratches and blemishes.

Ditch the paint and embrace powder coating as your business’ preferred, practical colour application process.  Simply contact our Suffolk based team on 01440 706218 today or look online for further information.