Focus On: Powder Coating

If you’re looking to swiftly add those finishing touches to your project, choosing a sleek powder coating service could well be your prime option. Providing a wealth of benefits, our Suffolk based supplies, DB Sheetmetals, has perfected this process for you. Acquiring that cutting-edge, durable metal product is entirely possible, with powder coating systems rapidly returning your enhanced goods to you.

The Method

Using specialist powder coating equipment, the technical precision of this process is irrefutable. A phosphate prewash machine kicks off the action, ensuring that the metal is treated correctly prior to receiving the coating. This gives you the long-term assurance that any frustrating paint work chips are eliminated, with the material itself being better able to retain the coating. Then enter the big guns, quite literally: an electro-static gun, or corona application, imbues the powder with a negative electric charge. Filtering this powder through mechanical or compressed air spraying, the electrostatic charge then maintains the trajectory of the powder towards the metal itself. In other words, those Chemistry classes came in handy.  

Abundant Options

The process is rich with possibility. With differently sized nozzles depending on the specific requirements and size of the job, not to mention whole spectrums of powder coat colour to dither over, this service is utterly bespoke. Whether you’re searching for a note of vibrancy in your architectural venture or even if you’re after an understated component for your construction project, the technicality behind powder coating can accommodate any client’s specific wants.

Quick Turnaround, Quality Results

Whatever the job and whatever the scale, DB Sheetmetal’s engineers strive to bring you consistently high-end products without delay. The ultimate aim is to provide utmost quality. With this efficient powder coating system, you can be certain that the surface quality of your material is immeasurably enhanced. With our nationwide delivery, our Suffolk team can provide the necessary products for your project wherever you may be based. Call us today on 01440 706218 to enquire or browse our full range of services on our website.