First Class Sheet Metal Suppliers

As sheet metal suppliers, the team at DB Sheetmetals are adept at providing industries with stainless steel, zinc and aluminium for their manufacturing projects, but sometimes we know that sheet metal needs a little more work before it can be used. With many companies needing box sections, T bar or mesh style sheet metal to build products, we can cut out the middleman and use our fabrication services to produce these cuts, as well as supplying the raw materials! Providing metal in its finished state means we can cut down turnaround times and make sure projects are delivered on time and to a high standard.

Laser Cutting

Our sheet metal suppliers have a laser cutting machine is an Amada LC-2415 Alpha IV and enables us to cut sheet metal down to the exact sizing necessary for many projects. If an automotive company requires sheet metal for car panels that need t to be pre-curved before they can be formed on-site, our team are able to employ our laser cutter to fabricate these items in small or large batches. Likewise, if someone requires a replacement sheet of metal for a computer tower, our team can provide even small pieces of pre-cut sheet metals.

CNC Punching

Many sheet metal projects require materials to have holes in them to accommodate for ventilation or aesthetic design. Whether it’s a small mesh type metal or one with widespread punctures our sheet metal suppliers can provide CNC machined metal that matches the specification. Using the Amada EM3510NT machine, which is designed for extreme accuracy, thanks to precision ram motion control that is built-in. Allowing us to programme speed, stroke length, hover height and hold time, our sheet metal suppliers can create a wide range of designs to suit different industries.