Expert Sheetmetal Fabrication in Suffolk

DB Sheet metals provide expert sheet metal fabrication specialising in sub-contract sheet metal. As sheet metal suppliers with a variety of services also on offer, businesses can take advantage of our one-stop shop for all of their manufacturing needs. Thanks to a combination of up-to-date technology, industry-leading machinery and experienced team members, we can provide the very best in one-off or batch produced products for a number of industries.

Tailored Designs

Fabricated sheet metal is an essential part of nearly every large industry from automotive and aerospace to medical and homewares. With such high demand across the country for sheet metal fabrication, many companies ‘copy and paste’ their production process which can lead to many similar looking products on the market. Our sheet metal fabrication, however, prides itself on creating totally bespoke designs and using our programmable software to make this replicable in big batch productions. Saving all designs, if in the future a company requires additional products, we can simply and effectively replicate successful designs.

Full Scope of Services

Our sheet metal fabrication comprises a full scope of services including sheet metal supply, treatment and curing. Additionally, companies can take advantage of our laser cutting, press brake forming, CNC machining, fastener insertion, powder coating, welding, technical drawings and of course, our expert advice. Our team can assemble all products and components into their finished state and can even deliver them to their end destination in our bespoke lorry. By mitigating the need for a third-party delivery company, our team can ensure that the products are transported in the safest possible manner and that they arrive in the best possible condition.

For more information or to enquire about any of our sheet metal fabrication services in Suffolk, contact us today.