Custom Sheet Metal Services

There are many factors involved in our impeccable custom sheet metal services. Not only are we in our third decade of business and boasting the experience to match but we have some of the most expert sheet metal fabricators around and some of the best technology available on the market.

Custom Sheet Metal Services

At DB Sheetmetals, metal fabrication is not seen as a copy and paste or ‘cookie-cutter’ process as it can sometimes be considered. We ensure we perfectly tailor design to function for what you need rather that just using the same design we’ve used many times before. Whether you have blueprints drawn up or just an idea, DB Sheetmetals promises a product unique from all the others on the market.

Market-Leading Technology

From our state-of-the-art powder coating paint line to our market-leading laser cutting and CNC punching technology, we have the capacity to produce almost anything. Not only are these machines scarily precise, they’re also fast and produce clean work to cut down on any finishing the work piece may require.

Diversity of Services

While our speciality is CNC punching, laser cutting, and powder coating, we also provide premium services like press brakes and pem serter to ensure we can deliver a fully rounded, one-stop service for all your subcontract sheet metal service needs. Not only does this give us the ability to produce for various industries but also flexibility within that as to what we can provide.

Quality Results

We undertake extensive quality checks at every stage of the metal fabrication process to ensure no errors are made and we don’t have to go right back to square one. In addition, we always turn out beautifully finished work pieces.

To find out more about our custom sheet metal services, please visit our website or call us on 01440 706218.