DB Sheetmetals Has Gone Green!

DB Sheetmetals are pleased to have been the first West Suffolk businesses to benefit from a Pilot energy scheme by St. Edmundsbury Council. Thanks to the community energy efficiency programme we have been able to reduce our costs whilst saving energy and brought our greenhouse gas emissions down.

By working with the council’s programme, we replaced the old lighting throughout our workshop with more eco-friendly LED bulbs. We knew it was important to switch our bulbs in order to pass inspections and improve the service that we provide. However, like most small companies, finding the time and money to undertake the work, was proving difficult. But using the council’s technical and financialadvice, we were able to secure a repayable grant from Business Energy Efficiency East Anglia, which enabled us to complete the much-needed renovations.

Using this innovative approach to community energy, the council have helped us to establish a more modern environment and better working conditions. As the first participants in this pilot, we are urging other West Suffolk companies to get on board, as we believe that local businesses have a commitment to reducing the strain on the local environment. But of course, it could also save your company money and help to reduce your overall energy costs, so the benefits are threefold!