Comprehensive, Diverse, Bespoke

Updated: Jan 4

DB Sheetmetals is at the forefront of metal fabrication and assembly in the UK, not only because the products we create are high quality and of an exceptional standard, but because the sheet metal service we provide is comprehensive, diverse and bespoke.


Comprehensive is defined as ‘including or dealing will all or nearly all elements or aspects of something’ and that is exactly how we would describe the work we do with sheet metal. We have always been proud to offer a whole service to our clients, completing every necessary step to provide the perfect final product. From a single prototype to full large-scale assemblies, DB Sheetmetals is your one-stop-shop for any sheet metal service.


If you need work completed on your sheet metal, chances are we can do it for you here at DB Sheetmetals.

CNC punching creates perfectly patterned and punched metal every time with computer-generated precision.

• Our laser cutting harnesses the power of science and lasers; it uses one of the most accurate and consistent machines on the market.

• Our press brake forming utilises advanced production techniques and constantly evolves with the fast-changing demand.

• The state-of-the-art pem serter fastener-installation press system incorporates innovative operating features and high tech software for an outstanding final product

• With a wide variety of colours available, our powder coating sheet metal service utilises our brand new automated paint line for a flawlessly finished product.


Although we offer our sheet metal service to an extremely wide variety of clients across the UK, each and every item we work on is treated with individual care and attention. When you come to DB Sheetmetals for a product, we don’t just create ‘copy and paste’ jobs, we tailor your service to you and your needs, and that is why we remain at the cutting edge of high-precision sheet metal fabrication and assembly, a place we have proudly held for over 25 years.

To find out more about how our comprehensive, diverse and bespoke sheet metal service can help you, call us on 01440 706218 or fill out our contact form here.