CNC Punching Applications

First pioneered in the 1950s (although back then there were no computers, so they were just ‘numerically controlled’ or NC machines) CNC punching techniques quickly became the preferred form of metal fabrication thanks to their improved precision and versatility. Fast forward to 2016, and CNC punching is now an integral part of multiple industries, helping to provide high quality sheet metal pieces for a wide array of industries. As such, the overall total of different CNC punching applications is virtually unlimited, however we’ve listed some of the most popular in our latest blog.

Automotive Manufacturing

As with almost all types of engineering, the automotive manufacturing industry requires that metal pieces and components be cut to a highly precise degree at all times. Internal combustion engines are comprised of a seemingly endless number of different components, each of which must be cut and finished to a millimetre degree of accuracy in order to avoid malfunctions, unnecessary wear and tear or even total breakdowns. Likewise, external components like doors, bonnets and panelling must fit together perfectly, and even be power coated, in order to protect internal machinery from corrosion and other weathering effects.

Civil Engineering

The success or failure of a wide range of civil engineering projects can equally hinge on the quality of a single component. From individual nuts and bolts through to integral girders and structural supports, the slightest discrepancy or error can lead to catastrophic structural weaknesses. That’s why a large proportion of civil engineers opt for CNC punching and laser cutting techniques for the majority of their projects, trusting in the unrivalled precision and uniformity offered by these services.

IT & Digital Technology

As consumers, we’re obsessed with making everything smaller. From our laptops to our smart-phones (but not our TVs, oddly enough), we increasingly want better technology packaged in a smaller device. This has lead to market-leading developers like Apple increasingly using automated processes such as CNC punching and laser cutting to manufacture individual parts and components, as these services offer a degree of accuracy simply unmatched by other techniques.

CNC Punching in Suffolk

From IP rated data rack cabinets through to sheetmetal products for construction projects, DB Sheetmetals serve a wide range of clients in the Suffolk and East Anglia area. The precision, quality and uniformity of our sheetmetal fabrication services are unrivalled, which has lead to us becoming a market leader in the engineering and construction sectors. Find out more information at our dedicated services pages, and call us today to discuss rates.