Amada: The Only Machinery for Metal Fabrication

As professional metal fabricators, part of our job is to maintain an awareness of the latest, most efficient metalworking machinery - from CNC machining software to laser cutters - to ensure a cost-effective, timely service for our clients. That’s why we choose to invest in Amada machinery, a brand heralded for efficiency, reliability and precision, across the variety of services we offer.

Precision Makes Perfect

When it comes to metal fabrication, precision and product consistency are of the utmost importance. The slightest discrepancy at the manufacturing stage, whether it’s during the CNC punching or laser cutting process, can lead to structural weaknesses, health risks and even product recalls. Naturally, this risk is amplified when you’re working to fulfil larger batch orders.

That’s why we invest in Amada technology, to give our clients peace of mind in the products we deliver to them. Our ALPHA-IV laser cutter integrates with CAD software, and is renowned for the accuracy and clean finish of its incision. Similarly, the EM3510NT CNC puncher we operate is esteemed throughout the metalworking industry for its quality and reliability. The machine is designed to prioritise stability, with heavier side plates to prevent metal parts bending or flexing as they undergo the CNC punching process.

Timing is Key

We appreciate that our sheetmetal fabrication services are often just a small cog in a wider project, which is why we strive to deliver our products on time, and manufacture them ahead of schedule wherever possible. Our investment in Amada technology reflects this, enabling us to meet our ambitious targets for turnaround time and client satisfaction. Across the entire breadth of our metal fabrication services, from laser cutting and CNC punching through to press brake forming, we invest in equipment that allows us to fulfil orders to tight deadlines. Even though the actual laser cutting process itself is known to be much faster than traditional manual saw cutting methods, we specifically chose Amada laser cutters to further reduce set up and loading times. The comprehensive automation of the manufacturing process allows us to cater to larger batch orders efficiently without compromising on quality - keeping your projects on time and in budget.

Metal Fabrication Done Right

Our commitment to investing in new and emerging metal fabrication software and machinery is part of our dedication to client satisfaction and project quality. DB Sheetmetals will continue to source new and innovative ways to produce high quality metal items and deliver the most efficient services, whether you require laser cutting, press brake forming or even a combination of the above. Visit our Contact Us page to discuss your project today.