A Dash of Colour: Powder Coating

Updated: Jan 4, 2021

Looking to add a splash of colour to your sheet metal product? With our time-efficient powder coating service, we can make your blank canvas a masterpiece in next to no time.  

Careful Coverage

We’ve all heard those unwelcome words before: ‘you’ve missed a spot’. Mercifully, our professional powder coating means you won’t be subject to that disappointment. Thanks to the phosphate prewash, the sheet metal is properly prepped to take on the coating long-term. Following on from this, the electro-static gun, or corona application, is ready for action using a negative electric charge to disperse the powder equally across the surface. In this way, you can rest assured that every inch, nay, every millimetre of your product has a fair distribution of powder coating.


There’s little more frustrating than compromising on your ideal product. At DB Sheetmetals, our bespoke services ensure that never happens. Whatever colour you have in mind, our vast array of swatches gives you free rein, whilst our differently sized powder coating nozzles enable pin-point precision regardless of the size of the job. 

With our powder coating service, you can have first-hand experience of our technical precision wherever you are in the UK. For your finishing touch, simply contact our Suffolk based team on 01440 706218 today.