3 Common Sheet Metal Services

Sheet metal forming is instrumental in the fabrication and manufacturing of parts and components and takes place either on raw sheet metal or on part formed components that are yet to be assembled. There are several different forming processes each using different techniques to create the desired shape and the three most common form part of our sheet metal services. These are bending, punching and laser cutting.


Bending is exactly as it sounds; creating folds in metal to create shapes such as boxes, curves, corrugation and other squared-off shapes. At DB Sheetmetals, we use a press brake forming machine to do this, the Amada HFE which allows us to bend items up to 3000mm in length (depending on material and thickness). During this process, pressure is applied to the metal with a tool and die system which creates perfect bends without splitting or damaging the materials. Our system uses lasers for accuracy and is programmable allowing us to input the exact degree necessary for accurate results.


One of the more sought-after sheet metal services is CNC punching, which creates uniform holes in the metal to create grates or just for an attractive design. Much like a hole punch, but on a much larger and more sophisticated scale, our CNC punching machine uses die set shapes to pass through the metal, sheering it and creating a uniform shape with every punch. Our computerise system gives us Precision ram motion control (speed, stroke length, hover height and hold time) helping us to meet briefs and produce extreme levels of accuracy.

Laser Cutting

Laser cutting is an increasingly popular sheet metal service that employs a high powered and ultra-focused laser bean to cut metal into different shapes and designs. Before machinery, this would be done by hand which could be time-consuming and produce less than perfect results. By creating the design programme digitally and entering this into the machine, the shapes are as close to the brief as can be and the error margin drastically reduced. What’s more, using a laser means the cut surface is smooth and free from imperfections.

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