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Amada EM3510NT

The EM starts with Amada's famous bridge-frame design. The increased mass of the side plates provide the stability required for less flex, yaw and twist. The increased rigidity translates directly to longer tool life, faster punching speeds and better part accuracy.


  • Specifically engineered Twin AC servos, directly coupled to an eccentric shaft, provide high hit rates at the optimum stroke length.

  • The highest real-world hit rates and ram positioning accuracy.

  • Twin servo drives do not have complex hydraulics and oil-cooling chillers, reducing maintenance and repair costs dramatically over the life of the machine.

  • Precision ram motion control (speed, stroke length, hover height and hold time) helps reduce tooling wear and punching noise.

  • Lower operating cost: EM technology stores and reuses energy generated during ram deceleration, providing electrical power savings of up to 50% over typical hydraulic machines.

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