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DB Sheetmetals - The Sheet Metal and Powder Coating Professionals

Welcome to DB Sheetmetals. We are a premium UK sheet metal fabrication company based in Haverhill Suffolk, specialising in sub-contract sheet metal, powder coating, laser cutting and CNC punching. Now in our 3rd decade of business, our team are adept at providing the highest quality service to customers in a wide variety of sectors. From electronics and telecommunications to medical, military and petrochemical, DB Sheetmetals is the 1st choice for numerous companies across the UK and Europe thanks to our first rate products and services.

Our Services

Utilising the very best of Gema technology, our powder coating in Suffolk provides you with a pristine and perfectly powdered finish every time. Read more about our new and improved powder coating service here.

Harnessing powerful market leading technology, our laser cutting in Haverhill creates smooth and precise cuts on each sheet metal product. 

Boasting the highest real-world hit rates and ram position accuracy, our CNC punching produces bespoke patterned punches for every sheet metal need. 

Our four press brake machines apply advanced production techniques, so we can meet the demands of a constantly changing marketplace.

Our automatic fastener-installation press system incorporates upgraded operating features and promotes streamlined job productivity and quality.

A Comprehensive Sheet Metal Service

 Our customers can source complete products and assemblies from us, giving us true one-stop-shop status, from metal shelving and metal brackets of all sizes to tool cabinets and point of sale stands – our range of high-quality products is indicative of our manufacturing skill and experience.


Industry-Leading Software and Machines

By consistently investing in the latest production equipment, manufacturing methods and control software we have remained at the cutting edge of high-precision sheet metal fabrication and assembly since we began business in April 1988.

The DB Sheetmetals Process

Design & Engineering

Our team of expert designers and engineers can transform your concepts into a fully comprehensive blueprint for manufacture.

Cutting, Forming & Punching

Moving onto our range of sheet metal services such as laser cutting, CNC punching, press brake forming and PEM Serter fastening, we complete every step necessary to make your product fit the design perfectly.

Assembly & Fabrication

The precise fabrication and assembly process involves a skilled hand and thorough quality checking to ensure only the finest quality products move to the next stage of manufacturing.

Finishing Touches

Our brand new state-of-the-art fully automated powder coating paint line helps us achieve a high end commercial finish on every product before it leaves our facility.


We always strive to provide a ‘start to finish’ customer experience, which is why we have our very own bespoke lorry to deliver orders to from the factory, straight to you!

1. SMSTS Better Knowledge, Better Manage

Are you looking to work in a fast-paced, reputable and reliable sheet metal company? 


Read about our current job opportunities here. 

Whether a one-off job or a mass production contract, we always strive to deliver the same thing:

The Best Products. At the Best Price. On Time.

Let us prove to you that you can get outstanding results for sheet metals quickly.  Call us today to discuss your project.

The DB Sheetmetals Team